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Comprehensive Market Research

Aren’t 100% sure who your ideal customer is?

Are you simply guessing right now?

Want a verified proven 3D picture of who they are, what they DESPERATELY want.. how many there are etc?

See our comprehensive research page!

Content Strategy Package

Sometimes, the most frustrating and challenging thing can be trying to figure out exactly WHAT you should save for selling, and what you should give away.

It has to be something the customer KNOWS they want to read, knows they need, will get likes, clicks and shares, yet won’t give away priceless info.

We do that! We can not only help find writers and graphic designers… but we nail down exactly WHAT will get the likes/shares and opt-ins from your audience.

Online Product Launch Management

We utilize a number of tested and proven techniques for launching products online.

They use the latest understandings of human consumer psychology including: micro-commitments, social proof, authority, reciprocity, scarcity, urgency, consistency, and more.

Cloud-Based Email Servers

Why a custom email server? When your list reaches a certain size… (10-50k or more) other services are not as effective at reaching the inbox and mailing with speed.

Amazon combined with our custom scripts and Send Grid are easy to use… safe and reliable and very effective.

Email Deliverability Services

Blacklisted? Not hitting the inbox enough? Low open rates?

How do you know if it’s a copy issue a server issue or a list management issue?

We offer comprehensive email server analysis.

See if we can help!

We are experts at drawing up custom strategy plans for online businesses. Contact us today!

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