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We Understand How Life-Changing Your Natural Health Products Are!

You have a passion for natural health and a product that can change lives. But how do you reach your ideal customers and convince them to buy from you?

That’s where we come in.

We are Answers Wanted, a marketing agency that specializes in working with natural health and supplement brands.

We help you find your product-market fit, craft your customer avatar, and speak directly to their pain points and desires.

We use email marketing, storytelling, and software solutions to grow your audience, increase your conversions, and boost your sales.

Whether you’re a new or established brand, we have the answers you need to succeed.

Featured Projects

Jing Herbs

Our collaboration with Jing Herbs brought classical Chinese medicine to the fingertips of thousands, combining age-old wisdom with modern marketing strategies for profound impact.

Andreas Seed Oils

The unparalleled quality of Andreas Seed Oils challenged us to create a marketing campaign that does them justice.

Through targeted product-to-market match and compelling storytelling, we connected them with their perfect audience.

Woosah Hemp

Woosah Hemp is revolutionizing the CBD Oil market with their organic, cold-pressed products.

Our refined email marketing strategy amplified their reach, engaging customers at a personal level.

Our Services

Captivating Copywriting and Storytelling That Connects

The pen is mightier than the sword. In our hands, it’s a tool to shape narratives and shift paradigms.

We create compelling copy that sparks conversations, bridges connections, and ultimately moves your audience to action.

Our storytelling based approach humanizes your brand and builds a powerful emotional connection with your customers.

Turning Email Campaigns into Profitable Engagements

Email is a powerful tool for creating consistent touch-points with your audience.

Our optimized strategies will not just manage and grow your email list, but actively engage your subscribers to turn them from just followers into loyal advocates.

From regular updates to promotional campaigns, we ensure your emails aren’t just read, but resonate.

Perfectly Aligning Your Product with its Ideal Market

Having a great product is only half the story; it needs to find its perfect market.

Leveraging our experience in natural health and digital marketing, we identify the appropriate market for your products and strategize on how to infiltrate and dominate that space.

Seamless Tech Management For Your Digital Assets

Running a successful online business requires a wide range of software and technology.

But that doesn’t mean you need to be a techie.

We manage your complete software stack, ensuring seamless integration across platforms, and that everything runs smoothly.

From quick-fixes to tech consultation, our aim is to let you focus on your product while we handle your tech needs.

Who We Work With

Natural Health

For the past 20 years, we have been driven by a deep passion for natural health.

Your goal to enhance lives with your products aligns with our mission to connect you with the customers who need them most.


From small businesses to towering corporations, we thrive on diversity.

We specialize in Shopify, but our experience extends to numerous other platforms.

Your vision is unique, and we are proficient in making it shine on any system.