Can You Hear Me Now? Four Reasons Why Your Email Message Might Not Get Through

Author: AnswersWanted

Date: June 30, 2021

Are your emails getting stuck in the spam filters? Does it seem like your message isn’t getting through?

Are you feeling frustrated that, with all the time you spend crafting the perfect emails, your customers maybe aren’t receiving them? Wondering what might be getting in the way of your emails and inbox bliss of consistent delivery every time?

Here are four reasons why your email might not get through:

Bad Reputation

Is your server to blame? Your server might have a bad rep that’s keeping your message from hitting the inbox. This is something that should be checked out. It could be your customer inboxes just don’t trust where your message is coming from.

Find out how you can get trust back into your relationship and emails back into their inboxes.

Bad Ratio

Are your emails too image heavy? Your text to image ratio matters, you don’t want to be sending photo albums (unless you are literally selling photo albums, in which case you still need to not have too many pictures of them.) While humans are visual creatures, they also need words for context.

Don’t take “show, don’t tell” so far that you never say much of anything. You’re going to want a healthy mix.

Bad Words

There are certain words and phrases that you could use that might be making your client inboxes wash your mouth out with soap, sending you to the junk folder to think about what you have done. You might not even be aware you’re doing it!

Inboxes have smart features that help screen out offers from Nigerian princes and you don’t want to get painted with that brush because of vocabulary choices.

They Just Aren’t That Into You

If you’re emailing folks who haven’t opened or clicked in 180 days, you could be setting off red flags with their email provider. This is why list maintenance is so important. You don’t want to come off like a stalker. You want email providers to know that you only email people who want to hear from you so they let your message through.

Avoid the spam filter by attending to these areas and more with a thorough audit of your email marketing campaigns. With a systematic review, we can show you if bad reputation, bad ratios, bad words or emailing folks who just aren’t that into you are standing between you and client inboxes.

Stop asking “Can you hear me now?” and start asking “How can I help you now?”