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Outsourced Ecommerce Email Package

We Plug eCommerce Revenue Leaks

Every single eCommerce store we speak to (no matter how sophisticated) has always said:

  • They have leads they’re not reaching out to.
  • There’s a segment not being reached
  • They’re not sure how to approach customers for max profit (without offending)
  • They don’t want to over-mail their contacts
  • They want to inbox better (especially get out of the Gmail promotions tab)

Revenue Leaks Hurt

They don’t just hurt the customer who genuinely needed or wanted the things they don’t get reminded to buy. They hurt the eCommerce store and cost precious dollars that could have helped recover the cost of advertising.

Our eCommerce Services

We’re not ONLY great copywriters who turn your messaging and setup into exciting converting messages. Here’s just some of the things that come with our packages (depending on the service level you pick).


  • Setup of automated triggered emails based on the 8 common behaviours (Like cart abandons, browse abandons etc)
  • Full map of who your customer is, when and why they buy and when they’re hottest
  • Full content calendar of regular and timely messages
  • Breakdown of every possible segment and microsegment your list can be broken up into
  • Regular list cleaning of bounces, uninterested users and unengaged users
  • Customer winback campaigns that recover up to 30% of sales
  • Weekly reporting of the 6 core metrics that matter most
  • AND so much more!

StarWars Movies have made a combined total of $7.5 Billion Dollars.

StarWars Toys have made $14 Billion Worldwide.

The real money is in the backend marketing.

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