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Content Calendar

A properly planned content calendar can make or break monthly profits. You want to plan multi-day campaigns, seasonal campaigns, one-off segmented sends, and weekly/monthly highlights in a way that improves deliverability and doesn’t train your openers.

Automation & Flows

You need specialized, well-written messages for each of the ten core automations important to the customer journey. We handle all of that and ensure you never miss an opportunity.

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients

Dan is an expert on writing ad copy. He knows how to write compelling ads that drive conversions, and get results. If you need help with email marketing or sales copy, Dan is your man!

David Cheyne

Dan has really helped me and my business grow in ways that I didn’t think about. Without him, I wouldn’t have thought to crank up my email marketing, which literally added tens of thousands of dollars to my bottom line in a matter of months. He’s also helped me via coaching in terms of our overall vision and strategy. Dan’s got a keen eye for business. Listen to him – he’ll help your business in ways you haven’t thought of before!

Jason Regan

Over the past 10 years I have watched with astonishment as Dan shared insight after insight into ways to grab tons of traffic from Google. He has always shown true professionalism in all our dealings while delivering tangible results within budget and within agreed-upon time restraints.

Scott Paton

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