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Let’s build your new software idea

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Save Time, Frustration and Money Hiring A
Team of Experienced Software Developers!


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Chances are, right now you’re reaching out to software developers and trying to get quotes. You might start worrying about language barrier, how easy they are to reach, work ethic or the amount of time and money your project might take.

Hiring the wrong developers can easily cause:

  • Scope creep (where your project takes longer and costs a bit more)
  • Unexpected problems, incompatabilities
  • Security holes that leave you vulnerable to hackers
  • Frustrating communication problems

We’ve even seen freelancers walk off the job without warning leaving clients high and dry.



At AnswersWanted Inc, our team is much different!

Headed by a security obsessed, quality addicted 20 year software architect… Our team cares about people, and cares about the details. We’ve worked with many large and small companies to help turn their software ideas into reality with a white glove approach.

Our Approach:

  • Our software architect gets on the phone/Skype/Zoom with you and works to understand your vision and expectations.
  • We will layout and design the best way to implement your vision
  • We will estimate the time and money required to realize it
  • With your authorization and sign off, we’ll get started

You’ll always be able to reach us at any point in the project durring the work week.

We care about you and your project and we develop strong relationships with our clients. Most have stayed with us for 3 years or more.

In fact due to our long lasting relationships with our clients, there’s rarely a spot open for new projects!

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Our Experience

  • We’ve built custom CRM systems for the financial sector and the marketing industry
    For the unique customer information they needed to store and manage
  • Affiliate management systems for lead generation sector
    Which included fraud protection, monitoring and accurately crediting the right people for the sale.
  • Custom business intelligence and reporting applications 
    To allow business owners to see their critical numbers all in one place
  • We’ve built highly distributed, high availability applications
    To make sure there’s minimal downtime and the application loaded as fast as possible for the user on any continent
  • We’ve built church management software for pastors
    Which enabled smaller churches to have better accounting and communication with their congregation

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Our Technical Skills


  • PHP
    Including the Laravel framework
  • Python 
    Including the Django framework
  • Javascript
    JQuery, AJAX, Prototypes
  • Cold Fusion
  • Perl
  • HTML and CSS


  • MySQL

We also have extensive experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  We’ve built systems across multiple continents using their technology:

  • EC2 (Ubuntu and Redhat servers, Load Balancing)
  • RDS (MySQL and Aurora)
  • Route53 (Standard and Geolocated DNS)
  • S3
  • Cloudfront

If you don’t see a language or technology here that you need help with, please inquire. These are just our most frequently used languages.


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