Email’s biggest unbeatable weapon

Author: AnswersWanted

Date: November 2, 2020

Oh boy… Now to prove the title of this blog post is completely justified!

I hate hype 🙁

As too much of any good thing dilutes its value, email is facing some interesting challenges. New marketers are placing higher value on social and things like Periscope, Meerkat and Old (experienced) marketers don’t teach what REALLY works in email as much, because it’s just not sexy…

Can I let you in on some secrets?

Email is actually the single most powerful thing on the internet. What? I know, bold claim, but hear me out. Facebook fan pages see 5-7% exposure to their posts unless you boost posts, or get lucky and get tons of shares. Twitter’s like shouting in outer space. Pinterest and Instagram are like hashtag Russian roulette. Google search wants you pay by the click or be at the mercy of their ever-changing algorithms…

Email’s the only medium where you’ll happily get access to 30-50% of your tribe in one click (once you’ve collected them), and… You can easily back them up (download your email database) and move them to another email system. Something you can’t do with followers, fans and likes.

But, I’ve tried email without success… (warning below)

I’m sorry. I spent a pinch of text there above laying a foundation, but here comes the single biggest stupid yet simple secret to email. Nailing this will make everything work.

Be personal.

People are TIRED of getting automated (FirstName) emails. They’re tired of things feeling like yet another marketing story. It needs to sound like someone is talking directly to them. Their hopes, fears, dreams, nightmares, challenges, concerns the whole 9 yards.

Experts “in the know” call them Seinfeld emails.

Why? Because back when Seinfeld started their show, they pitched NBC on launching a sitcom about nothing. It wasn’t really about NOTHING though, it was actually about normal every day life and the things that happen in your day.

Reality TV and social media have single handedly proven people LOVE this stuff. This is no different in email.

Here’s the warning:

You can train your list though. From the very first email they get, you can train them to expect heartless, feelingless content. You can also train them to expect conversational, down to earth GENUINE emails written just to them. A fellow club member, tribe member, and contact that you love and want to share your genius with!

Join my list, you’ll see the kinds of stuff I write, and how I litterally make it a personal letter to my family of email and online marketers. You’d be surprised to hear my average open rate is 54% right now.

Some top experts that I know have a nick named “Bill and Susan” ideal target customer that they’ve written a complete 3D writeup about. They know their likes and dislikes, their enemies and fears.. They can write to these people and imagine their smiles, their frowns.

Bottom line? Be personal, write stories, share and make it feel like a letter directly to them.